Parking at the Heidelberg Castle

Driving up to the Heidelberg castle by bus  is prohibited in general (as well as for cars on weekends and holidays). An exceptional permission however is obtainable in connection with a valid parking reservation at the castle bus parking. The minimal parking fee is due independently of the intent to stay on the parking lot or just disembark passengers. You are welcome to use up the spare parking minutes on one of our bus parking’s downtown (as far as free parking slots are available).

Unfortunately, the space available for parking in the area around the castle is extremely limited. In order to respect the quality of life of the inhabitants in this area, the number of buses allowed to access the castle area is kept to a minimum. Therefore, access to the Heidelberg Castle is generally only allowed to buses using the parking lots. An exception will be made for any vehicles going to the hotels and restaurants in the castle area, but only if they are in possession of a written reservation. A road sign on the corner of Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage / Neue Schlossstrasse controls the access of buses to the castle.

However, all those in possession of a booking confirmation are permitted to drive up to the parking lots at the castle, as this confirmation contains a special permit for accessing this area. Buses over 14,50 m are forbidden. Access to the castle area is prohibited between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. You may apply to the Office for Traffic Management by calling 0049-6221-5830500. It is also possible to make an immediate telephone booking on +49-(0)172/6200063 after 5 p.m. on the day before your arrival.

Approach the Castle