Heidelberg Castle

Our parking lot at the most famous sight of Heidelberg – destination for tourists from all over the world.

Parking space in the castle area is unfortunately very limited. In order to make the burden on residents bearable, the number of bus driveways is regulated by the square occupancy. Therefore, the driveway to Heidelberg Castle is generally only allowed for the use of the parking lots. An exception is made for access to hotels and restaurants in the castle area with a written reservation. A traffic sign at the corner of Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage / Neue Schlossstrasse regulates bus access to the castle.

The bus parking lot castle has a maximum of 6 parking spaces. Therefore please reserve.

Important info

parking at the castle

As a rule, coaches are not allowed to drive up to the castle (nor are passenger cars on Sundays and public holidays). You will only receive an exception permit with a valid and chargeable parking reservation. This also applies if you do not use the parking lot and only want to load/unload. Also in this case the complete minimum fee is due and payable. In this case, you are welcome to park for the duration of the parking period on one of our other parking spaces (if capacities are available).

Those in possession of a reservation confirmation are allowed to drive into the castle parking lot in any case by virtue of the traffic exemption contained therein. Buses over 14.50 m are not allowed to enter the parking lot. Between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. it is forbidden to enter the castle. From 7 p.m. onwards, you will need a special permit from the city of Heidelberg. You can apply for this permit at the Office of Traffic Management by calling 0049-6221-5830500.
An immediate reservation is also possible the day before by telephone at 0172/6200063.

Current rates

Our prices at the Castle parking lot


on request

We offer parking for cars in exceptional cases (such as events). Prices on request.

Coach rate

32,00€ / 90 min

Daily flat rates and other rates can be found in our Price list.

Special vehicles

on request

We offer parking for cars in exceptional cases (such as events). Prices on request.